Action Updates: 6/20/2018

Tomorrow is the first day of summer, and SASV is planning on being less active until we get closer to the fall. However, we do have a few updates:

-Kearstin and Anna met with Dean of Students Josh Bacon to discuss the goals and platform of SASV. The meeting was productive, and we hope to see our ideas for change passed along and implemented. 

-We have yet to hear directly from anyone in the Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices regarding whether or not they will implement any changes to the Sexual Misconduct Accountability Process. This is disappointing and we hope that OSARP will make an effort to engage in open dialogue soon. Please email OSARP Director Wendy Lushbaugh at to express your experiences with and/or opinions about the Sexual Misconduct Accountability Process.

-Leaders from student organizations including Bare Naked Ladies, Women of Color, and Campus Assault ResponsE (CARE) have expressed interest in partnering with SASV for events in the upcoming semester. We are looking forward to connecting with other orgs and seeing what impact can be made on a larger scale! Contact Mary Landy at if you would like to partner. 

-Stickers are now being sold on RedBubble as a fundraiser for campus events including documentary screenings, educational speakers, etc. Click here to view the Redbubble page.

 -We stand with survivors nationwide who have recently spoken out about their own experiences with Title IX in both K-12 schools and at universities. Please take the time to read and share their stories:

Texas A & M University

Winchester Public Schools  

Petaluma High School

University of Southern California