Action Update: September 2018

Hey Dukes! This is going to be a brief update as everyone has been settling back into school, but we want to welcome all new students, welcome returning students back, and continue pushing for a campus where sexual violence is not tolerated. So, here's what has been going on this summer with SASV:

-Organizers Kearstin, Anna, and Caroline met with OSARP Director Wendy Lushbaugh and Title IX Coordinator Amy Sirocky-Meck to discuss our goals for change. 

-Vice President of Student Affairs, Tim Miller, has met with organizers, other concerned members of the JMU community, and representatives from the Student Government Association. Miller comes to JMU from George Washington University, where he worked closely with a student organization called Students Against Sexual Assault. He hopes to open discussions and work together with students to prevent sexual violence, and has been leading focus groups.

-OSARP released policy changes for the 2018-2019 school year. The changes include removing character evidence from the Sexual Misconduct Accountability Process until after a student is found responsible. We see this as a huge accomplishment for victims seeking a fair process and important step towards ending rape culture.

-We're on Twitter now! @jmusasv

-We are... worried... about federal guidance soon to be released by the Department of Education under Betsy DeVos. When this guidance is officially released, expect us to be very loud about it. It is the current understanding that universities will still have some choice in how they adjudicate sexual misconduct, and we will advocate for JMU to make decisions that allow survivors their full access to education.