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Policy Advocate: Caroline Whitlow


Caroline is a sophomore from Virginia Beach, VA majoring in Social Work with a minor in Medical Spanish. She is a member of Alpha Phi Omega and loves coffee, running, travel, and her dog, Parsley. Caroline is a survivor of campus sexual assault and hopes that by the time she graduates from JMU, other survivors will feel supported and believed by the university enough to come forward.

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Events Manager: Anna Kaplan


Anna is a sophomore from Burke, VA. She is majoring in Mathematics with minors in Secondary Education and Environmental Studies. Anna is the proud mother of a cat named Basil and loves kombucha tea, lifting, learning, and Chance the Rapper. Her favorite graphic is the rape culture pyramid. Anna hopes to see a shift in the culture of the student body to one where sexual violence is absolutely not tolerated.

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Student Outreach Coordinator: Mary Landy 


Mary is a junior from Ridgebury, PA. She is a Journalism major and Environmental Humanities minor, Dave Matthews lover and member of Alpha Phi Omega. Next year, she plans on starting a campus chapter of The World Needs More Love Letters. Mary is passionate about law, loves JMU and hopes to see the administration begin collaborating with students to create more effective sexual misconduct policies and procedures. 

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Media Liaison: Kearstin Kimm


Kearstin is a junior Computer Science major from Placerville, CA. She enjoys hiking, adventuring with her dog Harley, and discovering new music. Kearstin appreciates the resources offered to sexual violence survivors on campus, but hopes the university will take a more proactive stance on holding perpetrators accountable.